Learn Kizomba Through Semba is coming to San Jose!

The goal of this workshop will be to create a strong foundation of fundamentals, in both Semba and Kizomba, while expanding knowledge, development of technique and personal style.

This workshop is a great opportunity, for first timers as well as those that already have taken lessons to enrich your Semba and Kizomba dance. 

For those that have danced Kizomba and Semba before, you will find that during these 4 hours you will have the time to really dedicate to refining your movements and techniques which is often passed over in regular hour long lessons.

For beginners, having four hours of learning will really solidify your basics and foundation so that you will be able to progress faster in future lessons.

During this workshop, while you strengthen and build upon your fundamental steps, you will learn about the music and it's nuances which will add to your musicality and overall connection and feeling of the dance. 

This workshop will be for all levels and will be progressive.

1:00-1:15 Registration
1:15-1:30 Dance/warm up
1:30-2:45 Foundation
2:45-3:00 Break
3:00-4:30 Level 1
4:30-5:00 Practica/one on one
**subject to change

Early Bird Price: $45
*Venmo: Yasert Ortega
Door Price: $60
What is Semba..?
To begin, Semba is more than "fast Kizomba." It has a long rich history and the music and dance tell a story.

Semba is used to describe both the music and the dance. The word Semba originates from Massemba (plural) and means "the touch of the bellies" or umbrigada. 

The music, often carries stories from Angola's independence, political issues, civil war, to everyday life. The stories, emotions and attitude of the people, told by the music, are then expressed through the dance.