Bboy Wicket has been dancing since 1993, representing Renegade Rockers out of San Francisco.  It was Wicket's style of breakin that caught the attention of Mr.Wiggles and Flo Master,recruiting him into the cast (Rock Steady Crew and Electric Boogaloos) of Madhattan in Las Vegas.

Wicket has also performed with A-list recording artists such as Usher, Chris Brown, Will Smith, LL Cool J and Christina Aguilera. Aside from the entertainment industry, Wicket stays connected in the Bboy scene by judging and teaching workshops worldwide.

He teaches with 20+ years experience and explaining what he looks for as a judge, understanding the little detail that's usually looked over which needs to be magnifyed. It is the DETAIL of movement within the dance that matters, notflashy moves.

Judges' Demo - BBoy Wicket's 1st Round

Judges' Demo - BBoy Wicket's 2nd Round

Judges' Demo - BBoy Wicket's 3rd Round