StarLove AKA Princess Lockerooo is a truly multi-faceted performer. A NYC based recording artist and professional dancer/choreographer, she uses all her talents to create a unique and thrilling show that has audiences captivated by her dramatic costumes, vibrant stage presence, catchy music productions and unforgettable dancing style. She is an Icon in the NYC House music/Dance scene and is taking the music industry by storm with her new single “All Falls Down”

This dynamic diva, has been an advocate of bringing the popular and expressive 1970s disco era dance style ‘Waacking’ back into the spotlight. A student of the Legendary Soul Train Dancer Tyrone Proctor, Star Love emphasizes the freestyle element of ‘Waacking’ and encourages the development of the individual dancer to become a living embodiment of music.

She has taught workshops and performed around the globe, (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malasia, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, Siberia, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, London, Kazakhstan). She has worked with artist's such as Madonna and Jody Watley and was featured on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Wendy Williams, MDNA commercial.