Ellen is a mother, a birth doula, an ayurvedic peri-natal doula, aspiring midwife, childbirth educator, 200 Registered Yoga Teacher (RY) and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT).

She received her 200 RYT at Worlds Yoga, Union City, California in 2014 and her RPYT at Yoga Garden San Francisco, California in 2016. She has attended births with women in hospitals, birth centers and home births as a doula for years, and brings that passionto the mat.

Through her connection to birth Ellen has developed a unique understanding of the physical body, specifically its vast potential and strength. This understanding of physiology and intuitive movement informs her practice as a yoga teacher.

In addition, Ellen is deeply interested in the intersection of yoga, activism and healing. She believes the practice of yoga, like the art of dance, can act as a vehicle for liberation.

She has 3 children (two of whom were born at home), and an amazing husband. She is also a florist, playwright,and stylist living in Oakland, California.