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Style Elements Crew (SEC) was established in 1994, with its original members based out of the areas of Stockton and Modesto, California.
From these small towns in Northern California emerged one of the most influential crews in the recent history of Breaking. Style Elements offered a new approach to the dance and left a permanent mark on how Breaking would evolve from its resurgence in the 1990’s on.

Originally founded by B-Boys Remind and Ivan, the crew sought to represent expression of one’s individuality (Style) through all the main forms (Elements) of Hip-Hop culture: Breaking, Writing, DJ’ing, MC’ing, Beat-Boxing, etc.

Upon hearing the name, Gonz (the lead writer in the crew) quickly decided to design the original crew logo, print shirts, and pass them out to the members. From then on, the name stuck and a group of friends who ran together–having fun at local house parties, raves, and underground clubs–were now a crew under one banner.



Born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1979 but moved to Panama before the age of 1. He was raised there until the age of 10. In 1989, Panama became a war zone with the U.S. invading to depose a former ally, Manuel Noriega. During that time his mother relocated both he and his sister to Modesto, California in order to get them away from the chaos in Panama.

There in Modesto, California in1992 is where Crumbs first saw bboying and freestyle dancing live. He then instantly got hooked into the world of dance. The 209 area of Modesto and Stockton, California was notoriously known for their incredible dance functions and in turn bred some amazing dancers with unique dance styles. In 1993, Crumbs unified with some of these dancers and in 1994 formed a crew together called Style Elements.

Crumbs has always had a complex approach to the art of bboying. He is best known for his creative flow, intricate thread combinations and unique blow ups. He also contributed to a now popular style called stacking. Overall he has prided himself on always being as well rounded as possible.

In 2003, Crumbs became a member of another crew called Killafornia. This crew consisted of mostly the next generation of Bboys who were in some way, shape or form inspired by his original crew, Style Elements. It’s of no surprise that Killafornia adapted to the Style Elements blue print and mind set on the dance. This contributed to molding Killafornia into one of the best crews in the world.

In Crumbs’ career, he has accumulated well over 100 1st place titles in some of the biggest national and international competitions. Those titles being both solo and crew competitions combined. Some notable title mentions are Freestyle Session 5 times, RadioTron 3 times, UK Championships 2 times, and Battle of the Year with Crumbs also taking Best Dancer honors at that event. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Spy Award and has been awarded Most Creative Bboy and Best Crew at the Hip Hop Dance Awards. But for him it’s not about the wins and awards, it’s about the journey, lifestyle and tests.

Crumbs has consistently attacked both the underground and commercial worlds. His dedication and persistence in the dance has led him to choreograph for some of the biggest names in the business such as Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Black Eyed Peas, and Christina Aguilera to name a few. He has been featured in major dance motion pictures, You Got Served and How She Move. His dance has also led him to acting roles in Sony Pictures’ Battle Of The Year and Disney’s Step Up 2. Some commercials include McDonalds, Coke, Apple, Volkswagen and Toyota. Crumbs is also a main character in Sony PlayStation’s video game, Bboy.

In 2012, Crumbs developed his new Bboy Dance School System called, Crumbs Workshop. He has currently been touring world wide with his Workshops. These specific Workshops were designed to teach dancers of all levels how to think creatively within the art of Bboying, among many other assets.

Donnie “Crumbs” Counts

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Midus has been active in the breaking world since 1997, gaining notoriety internationally for his unique, abstract style. In 2001, together with three other dancers, he produced an influential experimental dance collaboration called Detours.

Originally from Rowland Heights, Calif., Midus has traveled the world through breaking and hip-hop dance. His distinct perspective—rooted in the Los Angeles styles of the 1990’s—makes him a unique figure wherever he performs, competes, judges or teaches the dance. He is currently an active member of the Style Elements Crew and one of the official ambassadors for the Originality Stands Alone movement.



Bryan Moreno, better known by his nickname, "Money B", is a veteran popper from San Jose, California. Money B is a jack of all trades, and a master of many, seamlessly incorporating a variety of styles including strutting, waving and ticking into his unique style of dance.

Money B started popping in 1980, and danced alongside San Jose legends like Playboy Rob, the East Side Tickateers, and the Puppetrons. In 1981, he was recruited into Playboyz Inc. by Playboy Rob, who had founded the crew that very year. 35 years later, Money B continues the lineage of Playboyz Inc. as he leads the crew.